▷ A few simple screws delayed the launch of the Mac Pro in 2013

<pre>A few simple screws delayed the launch of the Mac Pro in 2013

Big companies face incredible challenges when they have to start producing a new product on a large scale andif you want this product to be 'Made in USA'. Today The New York Times has given birth to why Apple was so delayed in launching its new Mac Pro in 2013 and the reason was the supply of the screws of this team.

Apple pretended that the Mac Pro was a equipment made entirely in the USA, without having to resort to suppliers from China for example. This brought them many problems because according to this new information from the Cupertino company they had many problems to find a suitable screw supplier, sincecould not meet your volume needs.

The launch of the Mac Pro was affected by its screws

This report by The New York Times reports that Apple's screw supplier could only produce a total of 1000 screws per day. This volume was insufficient to produce the Mac Pro on a large scale and that is why they had to look for another supplier in the US before turning to China.

This desire not to have to go to look for the screws to China made Apple look for months for different suppliers finding one that manufactured 28,000 screws per day, but equally they were insufficient. In the end they had to resort to China to meet deadlines, otherwise they would have to delay the launch of the Mac Pro for many more months.

With this we want to show that it is very difficult to produce a large-scale team in the US because there is not enough infrastructure in this country to be able to support production. In addition to this, salaries and working conditions mean that both Apple and other companies prefer to have their production bases in Asian countries.

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Donald Trump has been very critical with Apple since he wants his production to be transferred entirely to the US, without thinking clearly about the economic consequences that would have. This is something that will be impossible because of everything that has been commented previously.

At the moment we are waiting for the release of the second generation of this team, the new Mac Pro, which according to Apple itself will see the light at the end of 2019. What they have not wanted to detail is whether it will be a team made entirely on American soil.

Leave us in the comment box what do you think of moving the production out of the US, is it the best?

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▷ A few simple screws delayed the launch of the Mac Pro in 2013
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