▷ A brand-new initial iPod appears on eBay for 20 thousand dollars

<pre>A new original iPod appears on eBay for 20 thousand dollars

Nearly 18 years back, on October 23, 2001, Steve Jobs presented the iPod to the world. This little music gamer changed the technological and musical panorama by having the capability to keep a thousand tunes, something extremely brand-new at a time when Sony's Walkman were the order of business.

The initial iPod had a 5GB internal hard disk, although later it came out a brand-new variation with 10 GB, FireWire connection, 10 hours autonomy, mechanical click wheel and a computer system with Mac 9 or 10.1 os was required

Just like all very first variations of a gadget, the initial iPod has actually ended up being an uncommon collector's product. And if in your day you might not have one and you stuck a thorn in it, it's your possibility to get a completely brand-new one for a "reasonable" rate: nearly 20 thousand dollars.

Thousand tunes in your pocket for $ 1,995

ipod-original-nuevo ▷ A brand-new initial iPod appears on eBay for 20 thousand dollars

Although eBay has actually ended up being a type of Amazon over the last few years, in the starting it was a platform for auctions and sales of pre-owned items. From time to time, very first editions and completely brand-new antique posts appear at a cost unattainable to many human beings, as holds true with this initial iPod.

The user bestgadgets has actually placed on sale among these "tiny" 5GB music gamers launched in 2001 for the modest rate of $ 19,995, which, as MacRumors account, is 50 times greater than the original of 399 dollars.

The factor that this initial iPod expenses this quantity is that it is sealed, that is, entirely brand-new in its box with protective plastic. It is not the very first time an initial iPod is cost this worth, considering that in 2014 likewise appeared one on eBay completely similar that was offered simply for 20 thousand dollars.

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