▷ Amazon surpasses Apple and Google and ranks as the most valued brand name

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Amazon, the United States giant of electronic commerce and cloud computing services, has simply end up being the most valued brand name worldwide, beating Apple, Google and Microsoft.

The business, established by Jeff Bezos, climbed up from the 3rd position to the very first and, because method, reaches 315.505 million dollars, 52% more worth than the one gotten a year previously.

While Apple continues to hold 2nd location and likewise, the very first in the classification of customer innovation. And, although it increased its cost by approximately 3%, it is inadequate to go back to be the most valued brand name worldwide.

Amazon is made with the podium of the most valued brand name worldwide

700x420_amazon-640x384 ▷ Amazon surpasses Apple and Google and ranks as the most valued brand name

Apple was for 5 successive years the most valued brand name worldwide, exceeding Google, Amazon, AT & T, Microsoft, Samsung and others. However nonetheless, considering that the Mountain View group nabbed the podium in 2017, he remained in 2nd location.

Anyhow, the business grew all these years in an indisputable method, even after the fantastic issues brought on by the monetary crisis in China and the subsequent actions of the Donald Trump federal government.

The Leading 100 BrandZ 2019 index, established by WPP and Kantar, launched a report with the ranking of the most valued brand names. And an analysis of the marketplace scenario of each of them: Amazon, for instance, got an unbelievable gain of 52% in between 2018 and 2019, reaching 315.505 million dollars.

Tim-Cook-confirma-series-TV-Apple-640x336 ▷ Amazon surpasses Apple and Google and ranks as the most valued brand name

That method, ends the Google-Apple duopoly, which started in 2007, when Google surpassed Microsoft to catch the leading area. Doreen Wang, BrandZ international head for Kantar, informed CNBC that "the sensational development of Amazon's brand name worth of practically $ 108 billion in the in 2015 reveals that brand names are now less anchored to private classifications and areas"

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Wang likewise worried how the brand names they are getting rid of the limitations to provide a series of services through numerous points of contact with the customer.

The "Top Ten" of the 10 most valued brand names around the world total it, after Amazon, Apple and Google, the business Microsoft, Visa, Facebook, Alibaba, Tencent, McDonald's and AT & T. On the other hand, and as a curious reality, we can see that brand names like Instagram (47) and Xiaomi (74) they are experiencing an essential development, being China its very first involvement in the ranking.

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