▷ An iPhone X lies at the bottom of a lake

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Each time a brand-new technological gadget comes out and the maker declares that it is water resistant, under particular conditions, users have particular unwillingness to think brand names. In reality, we tend to be rather cautious when moistening our newest iPhone or Apple Watch in worry that it will quit working. But, we have good news since two divers have found an iPhone X at the bottom of a lake in Nottinghamshire, England.

But the news would not be noteworthy, if it were not because the iPhone X, after two days under water was fully functional. The smartphone It belonged to Brad Beech, a water sports park worker in Nottinghamshire. The most curious thing is that the divers, Warren Palmer and Anthony Hanstock, who located the device, by pressing the iPhone button, the screen turned on and had a missed call from grandpa.

The iPhone X has an IP67 protection that allows it to be submerged at 1 meter for 30 minutes

When the iPhone X was introduced, it was granted IP67 waterproofing. Many times we have heard of these waterproofing indices, but maybe we have never stopped to think about their meaning. In the case of the iPhone X, the first digit, the 6 refers to the dust protection. In this case it is the highest level that can be granted and therefore the dust will not enter our device under any circumstances.

On the other hand, the second digit, 7, refers to protection against liquids, specifically, against water. With this certification the iPhone X should withstand without filtration the entire immersion at 1 meter for 30 minutes. Above 7 there are only two more levels left, 8 and 9K. But IP67 protection has proven superior in the case of the iPhone since Brad Beech's iPhone X was more than 30 minutes, specifically 2 days, at the bottom of Long Eaton Lake

▷ Samsung's Community Manager like the iPhone, too ...

From the Apple Watch Series 2 we can perform surface water activities without jeopardizing the integrity of our watch

Therefore as of now you can bathe or go to the pool with your iPhone, Apple Watch or AirPods without worry that they stop working due to an oversight with the water. And if we talk about the sea, although the issue can be more tricky, given that the saltpeter is extremely destructive, there would be no issue, thinking about that an Apple Watch worked after 6 months in contact with the seawater.

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