▷ Apple AR glasses and the iPhone 2 by 2020, according to experts

<pre>Apple AR glasses and the iPhone 2 by 2020, according to analysts

Apple is dealing with lots of jobs at the very same time, so it constantly has households of gadgets in the procedure of enhancement. This makes the expectation to be continuous in the face of the news that the apple gets in its visits instead of marked throughout the year. There is still 2019 for there to be some surprise, however there are currently experts who anticipate the arrival of the AR Apple glasses and the iPhone 2 by 2020.

Apple's brand-new for 2020

Apple is among those brand names that everybody wishes to find out about, specifically if it's brand-new to their gadgets. No matter the household, whether iPhone, Mac, iOS or iPad, they are gadgets that you desire or want to have in your pocket for whatever. However in this case it is not about speaking about any novelty or patent as we did the other day about the little cams of the future iPhone, however what the company might display in the face of 2020.

For this we have what 9to5Mac collects of the new predictions that the analyst launches Ming-Chi Kuo. This name is common in many of the news about Apple and is that it is the person who has been most successful in what the California firm will launch soon. This time he launches to predict what we could see next year, and they can be things as expected.

We start strong talking aboutl iPhone SE 2. Yes, we could see a new version of the Apple terminal next year, after many said it would arrive last year and this, but Kuo believes it will be for next year and is not the first time he says this year . Again, everything indicates that the terminal will have a design similar to the iPhone 8 and will bring the A13 Bionic processor.

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For the first quarter of the year we could also see the iPad Pro 3, A review of the company's ultra-powerful tablet. This could come with a novelty in your camera and is none other than a better integration of augmented reality in your rear cams. But where the great innovation will come will be with their own virtual reality glasses, for which they will have the help of several companies so that their chipset is the best to date.

MacBook for later

These are not the latest devices that Kuo has advanced for 2020. We still have to mention the MacBook that will arrive in the second quarter of the year with a new keyboard system. What is not known is the version of the device, however it seems that the Chinese expert is really clear what the bitten apple will do next year. It just requires to be validated if it holds true.

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