▷ Apple continues to pursue increased truth: the input iPad will likewise have double cam

ipad 2019 doble cámara

This weekend a brand-new report appeared that ensured that the brand-new iPad Pro this year would consist of a choice of rear cams similar to that of the iPhone 11. That is, we would have 3 square-shaped sensing units for the very first time on an iPad, considering that the 2nd generation the Apple gadget has actually constantly gone with a single lens.

However the iPad Pro will not be the only one to integrate enhancements to its rear cams, this October is likewise anticipated a renewal of the input iPad whose screen size will increase somewhat to 10.2 inches. Nevertheless, this iPad will likewise feature news and We will have a double sensing unit extremely comparable to the present iPhone XS in their rear cams.

Many do not understand this movement very well by Apple, why do we want two sensors, or even three cameras, on an iPad if we are not going to take pictures with it? The answer is that Apple does not want these cameras to take pictures, he wants them to improve the augmented reality experience with the iPad.

dual-triple-lens-camera-2019-ipad-rumor-mac-otakara ▷ Apple continues to pursue increased truth: the input iPad will likewise have double cam

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Augmented reality is the key

In recent years many of Apple's efforts are focusing on build a great platform focused on augmented reality, we see it in each keynote. Apple's presentation that does not include a demonstration of augmented reality with any of its new devices or operating systems is rare.

Apple has available to ARKit developers, a really complete tool base for augmented reality apps that every year incorporates interesting improvements. All this effort by Apple can not be in vain and on the horizon you can see some augmented reality glasses that will take advantage of all the technology developed these years.

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Apple_Today-at-Apple-ART_ART-In-Store-Nick-Cave_073019 ▷ Apple continues to pursue increased truth: the input iPad will likewise have double cam

But nevertheless iPad can likewise be really useful tools when using augmented reality applications, even Apple has opened new workshops “Today at Apple” augmented reality. And these apps work best on devices with several sensors capable of capturing the depth of the scenes.

Apple's commitment to augmented reality seems strong and this October we will surely have more surprises. Apple will launch two new iPad models, an iPad Pro with 3 cams and an iPad 2019 with 2, and we probably have several demonstrations on the stage of their possible applications. And probably none show us landscapes captured by these new sensing units.

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