▷ Apple makes fun of Rob McElhenney in the brand-new trailer for Apple TELEVISION's Mythic Mission funny

<pre>Apple laughs at Rob McElhenney in the new trailer for Apple TV's Mythic Quest comedy

In the next couple of months we will have the ability to see how the various os of the kids in the block will be. However not whatever ends there, we understand that in the next fall we will likewise have the ability to delight in the brand-new Apple TELEVISION +, the brand-new streaming video service for the Cupertino kids. A video service that comes with strong titles with which they want to seduce us from Cupertino.

And today we bring you the trailer of one of those new series that we will see in the next Apple TV +, the new series Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet . It's been the guys from Ubisoft, during a panel of the video game fair E3, who have just presented the new trailer for Mythic Quest with the multifaceted Rob McElhenney. After the jump we give you all the details of this fun new series that will come exclusively to the next Apple TV +

As you can see in the trailer, Rob McElhenney plays the role of Ian Grimm, the eccentric creative director of the multiplayer role-playing game Highest performance of all time, Mythic Quest that gives name to the series. A rather eccentric character that compares to George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, and James Cameron (all directors who likewise make their first steps in Apple TV +.) A character that adds to the list we met a few months ago.

Abraham will play C.W. Longbottom, an experienced writer who works in the studio. Nicdao plays Poppy, the studio's lead engineer. Hornsby is David, an unfortunate and reviled producer. Pudi portrays Brad, an alpha male who works in the monetization department of the studio. Burch plays Rachel, who feels undervalued in her role as a game tester. Hakim is Dana, a sweet and studious game tester who loves to play. Ennis represents Jo, David's assistant.

Now we just have to wait, I think Apple TV + comes strong and many will end up paying to delight in its content at least during the initial months. The difficult thing will undoubtedly be to maintain the hype with brand-new content so that subscribers do not get out of the car.

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