▷ Apple patents a brand-new Apple Pencil with turning ball suggestion

Apple Pen

With the brand-new iPad line that Apple has actually been constructing this in 2015, all users can utilize the splendid tool that is the Apple Pencil. From the least expensive iPad, to the iPad Pro, to the iPad Air and iPad Mini, all brand-new tablets of the line They work with this tip. Obviously, just the current generation iPad Pro can utilize the 2nd generation Apple Pencil, an essential information for those who are considering purchasing one.

In any case, now an accuracy pencil like the Apple Pencil is, which is completely incorporated with iOS, is readily available to a lot more individuals. Nevertheless, while a few of the tip's most unfavorable points were fixed with its 2nd variation, the fact is that it might still enhance some things. For example, the options offered to its users in terms of customization, and we do not mean only having an Apple Pencil in Space Gray.

Being the current Apple Pencil a great tool for drawing, perhaps you might enhance your design for writing. Therefore, Apple would already be thinking about what could be called an "Apple Pen", that is, an Apple Pencil with a ball point similar to what we would find in a pen. In this way, those accustomed to this type of design could work in the same way as if they were writing on paper.

patently-apple-apple-pen-2-640x414 ▷ Apple patents a brand-new Apple Pencil with turning ball suggestion

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At the moment, this design is just part of a series of patents that Apple has achieved for its catalog and that they have shared since Patently Apple. As always, we may not know anything about such a product again, or that the idea is integrated into other accessories in a completely different method.

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