▷ Apple will lower the production of older iPhone

<pre>Apple will reduce the production of older iPhone

And it is that this is a report of the consultancy Rosenblatt Securities, it might be something obvious in a business that is attempting to promote sale the brand-new designs introduced. In addition, some experts are alerting of a drop in sales in the Chinese market due to the current issue with the United States federal government.

In Fact we have the start of the production of the iPhone designs of this 2019 and this indicates a direct interest in these brand-new designs, although it holds true that they do not stop producing the rest of designs is decreased. On the other hand, the report mentions a higher stock of iPhone XS and XS Max designs so this will lower the production of them likely.

The month of September is close and Rosenblatt says he believes Apple will reduce its production orders for older iPhone designs, something that will not affect in any case the stock of the devices in the stores but it would be noticed in the production lines of the company.

In this report published in various media we find a direct reference to the current climate of tension between the United States and its vetoes and China, so everything indicates that the Chinese market will put aside the purchase of these iPhone designs as a way of reprisal. The decline in sales in China of the iPhone is something that we have seen in recent months and it is not something that a group of analysts has to confirm since the firm itself, with its CEO Tim Cook, already announced it. Now the blow of Trump makes the analysts are somewhat more pessimistic and it will be necessary to see how everything ends however it does not look great for either of the 2 nations.

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