▷ Attention players! You can now delight in Twitch from an Apple TELEVISION

<pre>Attention gamers! You can now enjoy Twitch from an Apple TV

Apple Televisions are terrific gadgets that enable you to not just take in multimedia material from platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, HBO or Apple TELEVISION + itself, however likewise enables you to play video games and works with the Apple Game service. Nevertheless, among the greatest handicaps of this group is that lots of designers still withstand taking their applications to tvOS. This was the case of the well-known Twitch platform, which is now available from the App Store of all Apple TVs.

How is Twitch on Apple TV?

The arrival of tvOS 13 could be a great joy for the most gamers. First we find the compatibility with Xbox and PlayStation controls, for several weeks now also the Apple Arcade service through which, upon payment of a monthly subscription, we can enjoy an extensive catalog of games. Now we are witnessing how The official Twitch app has also reached Apple TVs; and we say official application because until now we met some who tried to offer this service without actually being developed by them.

If you do not know what Twitch is, we can tell you that it is one of the platforms that is gaining more popularity in recent times in the videogames sector. Really what we find on this platform is the possibility of broadcast and be able to watch streams in which games of all kinds of video games are shown. This is something similar to what we still find on lots of YouTube channels but on a platform tailored for gamers.

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The first thing you must do to enjoy this platform on your Apple TV is to download it. Go to the App Shop and type "Twitch" in the search engine. Once the app has been downloaded you must enter it and check how The interface is very similar to iOS and iPadOS.

You can log in with your account and you won't have to do it anymore, as the application will remember your user. However, it is not necessary to enjoy the emissions that we can find in the application. As in the iPhone and iPad version, you can search and explore among the thousands of channels that are hosted on Twitch. From the most popular players to the least known, all of them are also found in the Apple TELEVISION app.

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