▷ Facebook Dating is main, so is the Facebook Tinder

Facebook Dating

A couple of months back, on the event of the F8, the Facebook designer conference, the business accountable for the world's biggest social media revealed a brand-new experience: apps to flirt. A minimum of, with the special method of Facebook. Then, we had the ability to see Facebook Dating for the very first time, a brand-new performance that will be incorporated with the social media, which will assist to develop caring relationships with individuals who are close to us and who can fit with our tastes.

Just a few days ago, Facebook Dating began its launch in the United States, where users could begin to know the “benefits” of this new Facebook bet. In this case, unlike Tinder and other services of the style, Facebook Dating allows direct contact with the users proposed by the social network. That is, it will not be necessary to wait for a “match”, but the other person will be able to know if you are interested in it. And also, you can ignore it without more.

According to Facebook, its main distinguishing feature is authenticity, since use the information on Facebook profiles to match dating users, keeping both services always separate. In addition, it has a really interesting performance that many could assist them in completely unexpected ways: “Secret Crush” will allow us to indicate if we are interested in any of our Facebook friends, and if they are registered in Dating and match, you will be notified to start a relationship That could never have begun.

dating-secret-crush-640x426 ▷ Facebook Dating is main, so is the Facebook Tinder

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Of course, if there is someone able to stand up to Tinder and the other dating services that exist on the network, that is Facebook. Despite the problems he has had lately in relation to privacy, the company is striving largely to correct their mistakes, and it must be recognized that managing the data of billions of individuals is not easy. In any case, your adventure with dating apps has just started, and in this case, personal privacy is critical.

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