▷ Follow the outcomes of the 26M elections with your iPhone

<pre>Follow the results of the 26M elections with your iPhone

In Spain today we are once again on election day, after not investing a month given that the last elections were held. On this celebration we Spaniards are contacted us to the surveys to pick the structure of the future European Parliament and regional councils. In addition, elections are likewise kept in some self-governing neighborhoods to choose their matching Parliaments and Town Councils or Consells. To be knowledgeable about all the electoral details of this day, in this post we are going to suggest the setup of a main application where you can Know the main outcomes of these elections with overall dependability.

We state that this application will provide us completely dependable details, due to the fact that it is established by the Ministry of the Interior that gathers all the main information of these elections.

26-M: the application to follow the electoral lead to Spain with the iPhone

The application can be discovered in the App Shop itself here. In this we will have a great deal of extremely essential details such as the most pertinent news of the day so we can be notified of the possible occurrences that might have happened in our area.

Download the main application of the Ministry of the Interior 26-M here.

We can likewise sign in the very first hours of voting the variety of tables that have actually opened properly. In addition, at 2: 00 p.m. and at 6: 00 p.m. we will have the very first and 2nd involvement advance, which we can compare to that gotten on the previous electoral day.

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As soon as all the ballot stations have actually closed and when the electoral outcomes are released, we will have the possibility to follow them in this application. We can see the outcomes of the regional, European or self-governing elections individually and likewise evaluate by town or province what outcomes have actually emerged from this count. Certainly we will likewise have the recommendation of the previous elections to see the advancement of each of the celebrations in their representation.

The operation is rather great, following a system similar to the application that was released for the April 28 elections. If you wish to prevent being victims of the 'phony news' we suggest you to install it on your iPhone or iPad and not miss out on anything that occurs in this essential democratic procedure.

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