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HBO is, together with Netflix, among the most popular platforms for streaming series and motion pictures over the last few years. This service deserves to transmit such remarkable series as Video game of Thrones or The House Maid's Tale.

Although we often choose to enjoy our series on the cinema of a tv, it might likewise hold true to wish to enjoy a series throughout a journey or while utilizing public transportation.

In these cases, we have no option however to utilize our portable gadgets, such as an iPhone or iPad, to access the HBO platform. There is a devoted app for iPhone, suitable with iOS that you can download totally free by clicking this link.

To gain access to HBO you will require to have actually a paid membership. You can find out about the various deals and rates used by the platform by accessing its main site.

If you are more than Netflix, you might be interested to understand what are the very best series readily available on Netflix Spain to enjoy from your iPhone.

Finest HBO series Spain

1. The house maid's tale

In a dystopian future, the United States has actually ended up being a theocratic dictatorship where sexist worths ​​will be developed in which females will be divided into 4 groups according to their function in the brand-new society. A girl will live as a house maid, raped by her lord, and required to offer her kids to their lords.

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2. Video Game of Thrones

In an imaginary world of middle ages character, the 7 Kingdoms are ruled by the individual who rests on the iron throne. The story will focus on a number of plots: the risk of The Others, beings residing in the north of the 7 Kingdoms, the internal wars for who is entrusted the throne and exile and has a hard time to go back to the 7 Kingdoms of Daenerys and Your dragons

3. Bliss

Bliss brings us closer to the truth of a group of youths who will need to deal with issues and scenarios normal of teenage years: drugs, like affairs, id, sex and violence.

4. Eliminating Eve

A homicidal psychopath and an MI6 representative will end up being consumed with each other in a worldwide persecution that will leave a number of dead. The plot will be a growing number of made complex with the look of mafias and hit man, and the fascination of the 2 females will just increase.

5. Huge Little Lies

A murder occurs in an occasion to raise funds from a school and with it the life of 3 females, obviously best, is impacted permanently. We will understand the history of Celeste, Madeline and Jame and how the mystical occasion modifications their lives permanently.

6. Real Investigator

A law enforcement officer and his assistant examine in Arkansas the macabre murder that occurs after the disappearance of 2 kids. The criminal offense will stay present for a years and will likewise penetrate the individual life of the 2 representatives.

7. Chernobyl

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In 1986 a nuclear reactor blows up in Chernobyl, Ukraine, which implied a nuclear catastrophe that radioactively impacted all the surrounding nations in an almost irreversible method. The story, based upon a genuine occasion, will inform us in information how the mishap happened and what consequences it had.

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