▷ How to see the battery level of the Apple Pencil

Cómo comprobar el nivel de batería del Apple Pencil

When you begin utilizing the Apple Pencil it is rather normal to have doubts about where you can see the battery level of the device.

It does not have any screen or sign light and it likewise does not discharge noises when the battery is near to fatigue. So, is not it possible see the battery level of the Apple Pencil?

Obviously I do and in the following lines I wish to describe how to inspect it.

How to inspect the battery level of the Apple Pencil

If you have a second-generation Apple Pencil or greater, a balloon on the iPad screen will suggest the battery level when you position it in the magnetic and charging zone.

globo-bateria-apple-pencil-segunda-generacion ▷ How to see the battery level of the Apple Pencil

In case you have a very first generation Apple Pencil; the one that is packed in the Lightning port of the iPad or iPhone, you will need to turn to the widgets screen to inspect the battery (truly this approach you can likewise utilize it with the 2nd generation, although it will not be so essential given that you will see the balloon every when you leave the Pencil in the freight area).

Particularly, you should do the following:

Swipe from the top of the screen to show the Notifications Center. Scroll the Notifications Center from delegated best to access the widgets screen. Browse the widget Batteries Y inspect the Apple Pencil charge level.

widget-bateria-apple-pencil ▷ How to see the battery level of the Apple Pencil

In case the widget is not offered, tap on the button Edit at the bottom of the widgets screen and after that search for the widget and trigger it by touching the icon + Green color.

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Once the widget is active you can see the Apple Pencil battery at any time. If for any factor you still do not suggest the level of charge of the device, it is best to link the Pencil to the iPad, given that the battery most likely has no charge and for that reason does not appear in the list.

I hope this details works for you which you now have no issues inspecting the Pencil's battery. Although well believed to lack power in the device in a prompt way is not a huge issue either, given that a couple of seconds of charging from the iPad itself can offer you numerous hours of autonomy.

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