▷ How to utilize a mouse with the iPad

<pre>How to use a mouse with the iPad

Although it had actually been reported throughout the recentlies, it was among the huge surprises of the launch of iOS 13, which when it comes to the iPad has actually been called iPadOS. The next upgrade of which at the minute we just have the very first Beta however in a number of months will be readily available for everybody, enables us to utilize a mouse as control mode of the Apple tablet.

How is it set up? What can be done? Is it personalized? We describe all this in this video, from the primary step, so that if it was among the important things that you required to select the iPad as an alternative for your laptop computer, you can begin taking a look at it with various eyes.

Within availability

Apple does rule out, a minimum of for the minute, that this is a function that must be utilized frequently on the iPad, created as a gadget with touch screen and for that reason manageable with our fingers, or with the Apple Pencil. However however, he has actually included this particular as a helpful alternative for individuals who, due to issues of some kind, can not utilize their finger control, and for that reason need another system, such as a mouse. Therefore, this option is included in the Accessibility menu, which also introduces a new section in the Settings in iPadOS and iOS 13.

We must therefore access the System Settings and look for the menu "Touch> AssistiveTouch" and activate this option. Done that we must enter "Pointing devices "and there we can add a wireless Bluetooth mouse as I show you in the video. If we want to use a USB mouse there is no problem, using the USB-C connector of our iPad Pro or an adapter to lightning in case of other iPad models. The menu will even allow us to configure different actions for each of the buttons (up to five have been added) and modify the speed of the pointer.

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Apple has actually heard the prayers of many users

The mouse control system is identical to that of any computer, with a very fluid pointer shift and configurable shortcuts on the buttons to simulate the start button, display the multitasking or show the Dock. The negative points are what you can expect to utilize a mouse on a device with an interface made for touch control, something that personally does not excite me. However, there are occasions, as in certain applications, where the use of the mouse may be a good idea.

Despite being a first Beta, Apple has managed to implement this new functionality very well, despite the fact that I see a clear point of improvement in the pointer that has decided to use. Too large and without personalization options, I believe that in future betas they should allow to modify their size and even their design. Are you one of those who needed the mouse to control your iPad, yes or yes? Well, you no longer have excuses.

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