▷ I forgot my Apple ID password, what do I do?

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Coupon, Do not panic. Attempting to bear in mind a password that we have actually forgotten is often something that produces a great deal of uneasiness. Nevertheless, and a minimum of when it comes to the Apple ID, you ought to not fret and it is not all is lost. In this post we will help you recover a forgotten password from the Apple ID so you can access your information again.

Remember Apple password thanks to double factor authentication

Double-factor authentication is starting to become fashionable in recent years for security reasons and is that many platforms in addition to requiring a regular password, also require the introduction of some other code that reaches you via SMS or other means with the objective to ensure your identity. In the case of Apple It works when we have more than one device of the apple: for example an iPhone and an iPad.

If in addition to having two Apple devices you have activated double factor authentication you're in luck, and that is that your problem will be almost solved. You just have to click on "I forgot my password" when you access your Apple ID from a device and in the recovery options you will see that there is a method in which you can send a code to the second device.

In the device where the code will arrive, you just have to click on "allow" You will see that a six-digit number now appears, which is separated into two parts. Now you only have to enter that code in the other device and you will access the password reset options.

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If you do not know how to change the password of your Apple ID, here we explain it to you

Responding to security questions or via email

Another security method that we can use to recover our password to access the Apple ID is through the security questions. These have had to be activated previously to be able to use them as an alternative to our password. They are usually of the type "what was the name of your best childhood friend?" Or "what was your first pet's name?"

To proceed with this method you must go to the website of the Apple ID and click on "Have you forgotten your Apple ID or password?"Once you're here you ought to choose the security questions as a method to reset your password.

There is also the possibility of recuperate or reset our password through email. For this you must perform the same steps as to use the security questions, with the exception that on this occasion you must click on "Receive an email" instead of choosing the questions.

If in spite of finding these methods to recover your password from the ID of Apple you have actually problems, we recommend that you get in touch with Apple from its technical support site.

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