▷ iOS 12.4.1 currently readily available closing the possibility of jailbreak

iOS 12.4.1

A couple of days back, a number of security scientists found that the jailbreak was a truth in the most recent variation of iOS, particularly in variation 12.4. Although in current times, numerous users had actually quit this approach, it appears that the neighborhood rapidly came down to work.

But, as expected, the Cupertino boys they have fixed that bug by launching a new update. When it seemed that iOS 12.4 would be the latest version of iOS 12, Apple releases iOS 12.4.1 to solve this serious security problem, a problem that had actually already been patched in iOS 12.3.

Yes, although it sounds strange, Apple had detected in iOS 12.3 that security bug that allowed the device to jailbreak, however, for reasons beyond those of us who do not work in the software development team at Apple, iOS 12.4 reopened that door so that the jailbreak friends could return to customize your devices to the fullest, although after the disappearance of the official Cydia app store, it is much more complicated to know which ones with the tweaks we can really trust and which ones we cannot.

In the details of the update, which is already available for all users who have actually any version of iOS 12.x installed on their devices, Apple claims that they have Fixed security issues in addition to correcting some minor errors and improved stability Of the device.

If you had planned to jailbreak or have not done it yet, you should stay away from this version. For now, Apple is still signing iOS 12.4 but most likely it will stop doing so in a few days, to prevent jailbreak friends from freeing their device to fully customize it.

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