▷ iPad mini 6: date, rate, specs and reports

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March was a month of insanity for Apple enthusiasts as the apple business chose to release numerous item updates at the same time, consisting of among the iPad mini (2019).

So yes, you might believe that it is still prematurely to think of another item renewal, however as you understand, the Apple fans do not rest. We constantly desire more, although the iPad mini (2019) is definitely the very best worth Apple tablet.

Presently readily available for € 449, although there are likewise more pricey alternatives if you choose to broaden the gigas of your storage memory or if you choose that they have the possibility of utilizing mobile information or just Wi-Fi.

Because of that, we are currently considering the brand-new iPad mini: when will Apple release the next iPad mini ?, what style modifications will it bring? What will be its brand-new tools? Just how much will the iPad mini 2020 expense?

In this post we collect and evaluate all the most intriguing, possible and trusted hints that indicate the next Apple mini launch, and we do whatever possible to hypothesize about the future of this item. However if you choose to hear realities about the existing variety, take a look at our iPad purchase guide and the summary of the very best iPad offers.

Release date

IPads, unfortunately, do not have the reassuring regular launch schedule of iPhones, and the mini line is even harder to predict than the rest. These are the dates on which we have seen Apple launching mini iPads:

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iPad mini: October 2012
iPad mini 2: October 2013
iPad mini 3: October 2014
iPad mini 4: September 2015
iPad mini (2019): March 2019

Do you see that huge gap between the fourth and fifth generation? That's what makes it hard to guess Apple's next step. Four consecutive autumns saw releases of an iPad mini, then we had to wait three and a half years to see another update again.

The big question is whether the mini is back among the best Apple products. If the 2019 update is a success and the sales are good (and our suspicion is that they will be) then probably Apple will be updated next spring.

That's what happened with the iPad 9.7in (2017) – it came out, everyone bought it, and it became an Apple accessory that sees updates annually.

If sales are insufficient, we may not see another model for another three years, if we get another one. But our experience with the new mini is so positive, and our anecdotal sense of the industry's demand is so positive too, that we expect it to become a regular spring release.

01_ipad_mini_6 ▷ iPad mini 6: date, rate, specs and reports


In this field Apple remained especially conservative in the 2019 update, for obvious reasons: if the new mini and the Air model had received the radical design and no house buttons of the 2018 iPad Pro models, they would have instantly made those devices ( very expensive) were less special.

But the year 2020 could be different. By then there is a good chance that the next generation of iPad Pros has been released, and these will presumably come with new and unique features. At that time, the characteristics of the 2018 Pro can be spread safely to the rest of the variety …. maybe.

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Against this theory: compatibility with the first generation of Apple Pencil remained as exclusive to Pro for two and a half years, not just one. So do not bet that the house in the next miniature has a full screen design – we just think it's a possibility.

New tools

If the iPad mini loses the 'Start' button as we propose in the design section, we can expect the Face ID to be part of the new format.

There were and still some doubts about the Face ID on the iPad, because tablets are not detected as much as smartphones; On the larger iPad Pro in particular, you often have to lean forward on the desk to place your mug in the camera's viewfinder. But that will be much less problematic with the lightweight and portable iPad mini.

We suspect that the compatibility with the wonderful second generation Apple Pencil will not come in this generation, for reasons already discussed: the first generation pencil remained exclusive to the Pros for two and a half years, and by March 2020 the second generation will be available in Pro for only one and a half.

And in general, when predicting the characteristics of the next iPad mini, we must bear in mind that Apple will almost always want to always show them off first in the Pro range, so that they will later reach the Air and the mini ones in the next generation (or later still ).

So an OLED screen seems unlikely at this time, just like the mouse stand and a double lens camera.

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However, we believe that the ProMotion display technology of the Pro tablets could reach the mini range by 2020.

00_ipad_mini_6 ▷ iPad mini 6: date, rate, specs and reports


As for the specifications, the probable route is an incremental improvement that is not too revolutionary.

We will surely get an A13 processor to begin with. Our colleagues from Macworld US forecast a 7nm process like the A12 chip, but suggest that it could be an improved version of '7nm +' or even '7nm Pro', which would result in better chip density and energy efficiency.

We believe that the RAM count and the rear camera classification are relatively unlikely after having improved markedly in March 2019 (from 2 GB to 3 GB and from 1.2 MP to 7 MPa, respectively).

However the rear camera can attract attention, since it has been stuck at 8Mp for the past two generations. The iPad mini is portable enough to be a practical camera, and 8Mp are really few megapixels today.

Apple can also upgrade the mini stereo (2019) to quad speakers, something that has actually been offered in the Pro variety because 2015.

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