▷ IPhone cam might determine high blood pressure


That health is a product that Apple has actually committed lots of resources to, is not brand-new. Nor are the different keeping an eye on functions that the Apple Watch integrates every year. Nevertheless, the iPhone has actually not gotten functions in this regard recently, which is why the current news resonate. It seems that the blood pressure could be measured using the phone's camera.

The news comes from the study of a group of researchers from the University of Toronto who has actually discovered how measure high blood pressure using a video selfie. The work was published recently in the magazine "Circulation" (Cardiovascular Imaging) and demonstrates how it is possible to do it simply by taking the face image for two minutes with the iPhone camera.

The results of the “transdermal optical image” technique were compared with the readings made by standard measuring devices, and revealed an accuracy of 96%…

The director of the study, Dr. Kang Lee, is a professor of "applied psychology and human development" at the Institute for Education Studies in Ontario and "president of neuroscience research" in Canada. Together with his team he discovered transdermal optical imaging technology.

According to the same report, the discovery that the iPhone camera might be used to measure blood pressure was "a happy accident" that resulted from Lee and Zheng's efforts to build a contactless lie detector. By noticing this possible application, changed the direction of research to measure this health marker utilizing video records.


Recent studies show how it is possible to measure blood pressure through the iPhone cam …

How does it work? According to the work, facial skin is actually more translucent than most people believe, and Transdermal optical images take advantage of this by illuminating the skin using the iPhone's optical sensor that captures the red light reflected from the blood hemoglobin of a user, which can then be analyzed to measure blood.

▷ Everybody slams the iPhone XI cam, as they slammed the iPhone X or the iPhone 4

The doctor announced that the technology will be fully available through a future version of the iPhone application, Anura. The current version allows users to record a 30-second video and obtain stress levels and heart rate. But a new version is expected to be launched that introduces advances and offers actual blood pressure measurements.

By last, the mandamás of the research study included that the personal privacy of the users is of vital value and because of that he clarified that they will just draw out the metrics and they will submit it to their servers, however not the video itself. So blood circulation information will never ever be connected with the user.

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