▷ Lenovo introduces a folding PC, should Apple do the very same with a MacBook?

<pre>Lenovo launches a folding PC, should Apple do the same with a MacBook?

A number of months ago Samsung and Huawei provided the very first folding mobile phones on the marketplace. When it comes to Huawei, a gadget with a versatile screen. When it comes to Samsung, a Galaxy Fold with 2 folding screens that has actually been providing genuine headaches to the business.

A lot so, that at the minute the future of its Galaxy Fold is unidentified. Its launch was postponed forever and it is possible that Samsung cancel it due to the fact that of the issues that its screen has actually offered.

And now, after understanding the very first folding mobile phones that have actually reached the marketplace, comes the very first folding tablet PC, and is Lenovo.

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The brand-new Lenovo ThinkPad X1 PC

Although its name has yet to be identified, Lenovo has actually revealed that they will introduce a gadget with a folding screen coming from its ThinkPad X1 line.


They explained the gadget as an Intel Windows computer system with a 13-inch OLED screen and 2K resolution. It is constantly on and linked, and works with a stylus. The innovation of your screen has actually been performed by LG Show.

"The new folding PC joins the ThinkPad X1 premium family, promising that unprecedented portability will not compromise productivity and reliability in any way."

Yes, the gadget assures, however … really inexpensive that we state it will not be.

While whatever appears to suggest that the future of the innovation gadgets depends on the folding screens, their advancement is still in the primary steps and in view is that we are not yet prepared to take that excellent leap. Nevertheless, we will continue to imagine a future in which the screens of our terminals are versatile and versatile to any scenario.

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