▷ New York City, London, when will Apple Pay Express Transit show up in Spain?

Apple Pay Transit Express

Express Transit, the Apple Pay service that permits travelers pay public transportation tickets with simply the iPhone or the Apple Watch, remains in the procedure of showing up in London in a brief time. Likewise, a couple of days after its best in New york city, the concern develops about understanding when it will show up in Spain.

When the Express Transit mode is enabled, users they do not have to validate their identity with Face ID or Touch ID, but that -simply- they must hold their iPhone or their Apple Watch a few centimeters from a reader contactless.

This technology, obviously, allows agility and safety in travel by public transport throughout the world, but – unfortunately – its implementation and takeoff worldwide is taking place gradually.

Apple Pay Express Transit is one step away from London and Spain

apple-pay-transit-express-004 ▷ New York City, London, when will Apple Pay Express Transit show up in Spain?

At the moment, this Apple service is only available in some countries: Canada, Singapore, China, the United Kingdom, Japan, the United States and Russia. But also, not in all cities, but in very specific areas.

In Spain, for example, the EMT (Municipal Transport Company of Madrid) presented the EMTPay platform so that the users of the transport service of the city can make payments contactless Y cashless.

This movement has been the kickoff for Apple Pay users can pay their public transport tickets in the city, mainly, the buses.

apple-pay-transit-express-003 ▷ New York City, London, when will Apple Pay Express Transit show up in Spain?

But, the user experience is not yet complete: it is expected in the long term that the system extends to the rest of the means of urban transport, like the metro, and -in addition- improve the level of integration with the mobile payment system of Cupertino.

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Worldwide, the last week of May the system arrived in the city of New York (United States), being available in the Metro, aiming to extend to all metro and bus lines by the end of 2020, as detailed in 9to5Mac.

And, with London, Transport for London (the local government agency responsible for most aspects of the transport system) announced on Twitter that Apple Pay Express Transit will show up in the city within a couple of months, although it did not offer more information.

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