▷ Out icons! A technique to leave the iPad screen without a trace of icons and reveal wallpaper

Cómo quitar los iconos de la pantalla del iPad

It is typical for the springboard (the "desktop" of iOS gadgets) has plenty of icons, however if you like to have an unblocked view and permit the wallpaper to optimize this technique for iPad you will like it.

With him you will be able Get rid of all icons from the primary screen of the iPad (although it is likewise suitable with the iPhone, however might have less sense) and therefore have the very best possible view of the desktop background that you have actually developed on the gadget.

Get rid of all icons from the iPad screen

This technique we owe it to the dock iPad has given that the arrival of iOS 11. Thanks to it is possible to get rid of all the icons of the springboard and leave them specifically in the dock.

To do this you should do the following:

Tap among the icons and keep it pushed up until it begins to move. Move that icon over another to develop a folder (you can choose and move a number of simultaneously). With the brand-new folder produced, put all the icons on the desktop or springboard in the folder. As soon as all the icons are inside the folder, move the folder to the dock.

Which's all. With this you will get empty the primary screen of the iPad (or iPhone) and have an entirely clear view and all set to display the wallpaper that you have actually set up on the gadget.

pantalla-ipad-sin-iconos ▷ Out icons! A technique to leave the iPad screen without a trace of icons and reveal wallpaper

In addition, it makes a great deal of sense to conserve all the icons in the dock, after all it is available from anywhere (even within the apps) by merely moving a finger from the bottom of the screen.

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Having the folder with all the icons in the dock you can open any app, either complete screen, divided screen utilizing Split View or Slide Over (that little window superimposed on the others that is so comfy to make the most of the multitasking of the tablet).

What do you consider this technique for iPad? I hope you discover it beneficial which if you are somebody who chooses a tidy springboard you can get it from now on.

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