▷ Set your AirPods with an Android gadget in a couple of seconds


Certainly you have ever experienced the concern of whether it is possible match your AirPods with some gadget Android? and the response is extremely easy Yes!

With these easy actions you can match so simple Y easy your AirPods with an Android gadget, either a mobile phone or one tablet, you simply need to begin by having both the freight case and the AirPods completely charged to begin the setup.

Configure gadgets

Now we just have actually left Trigger the Bluetooth and place the AirPods in the freight case and close it. It is necessary that we trigger Bluetooth on the gadget Android that we wish to match with the AirPods.

For this, we need to just resolve the menu -> Setup -> Bluetooth. When triggered on both gadgets, we need to just open the cover of case load the AirPods and keep held down the button situated on the back of the case up until we see that the light blink and it is put in color White.

Device synchronization

Like any group paired, we will see the gadgets linked to the mobile phone wave tablet Android that will appear in the list of linked gadgets through Bluetooth.

At this moment, we will just need to choose the Apple gadgets, mark the choice of 'Match' and ¡All set! After performing this treatment we will have the AirPods coupled with our Android gadget.

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What occurs if we can not match our devices?

It might hold true that regardless of our little and quick setup we do not get the wanted outcomes, so if we provide problems to combine the AirPods with the Android gadget.

We have a number of alternatives to assess, the very first one is bring back the setup of the AirPods and if this does not work, we can attempt reboot the Android gadget and begin once again with the setup.

Are all the functions of AirPods offered in Android?

The response is no !, and it is that even if it is an effective setup some functions of the AirPods are not offered for the gadgets Android

As when it comes to Apple's assistant, Siri that as is natural nor use any of its performances, given that Android does not have this virtual assistant and the automated stops briefly what neither can be utilized in the AirPods, nevertheless, this does not suggest that we do not delight in the pairing of these devices.

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