▷ Pokémon GO: Teacher Willow's international obstacle begins soon

<pre>Pokémon GO: Professor Willow's global challenge starts very soon

Among the most essential occasions of Pokémon Go this year will begin and all the coaches of the world must team up to accomplish it. The video game continues to hire countless gamers and this kind of occasions makes much more returned, keep in mind that 14% of the world population has actually downloaded Pokémon Address a long time.

This brand-new obstacle will challenge the leaders Glow, Blanche and Candela to make certain they are prepared to fix any issue that might emerge. Each leader ought to set in motion the coaches of his group to finish the examinations both internationally and in each of the 3 Pokémon GO Fest occasions to be held this summertime.

International dishevelment begins quickly

As far as Niantic has actually interacted, each of the coaches will have a various obstacle that will start next Thursday, June 13.

Glow Sweet Research Study Difficulty

globalchallenge2019info-es ▷ Pokémon GO: Teacher Willow's international obstacle begins soon

Candela's PX research study obstacle

Blanche powder research study obstacle of Blanche

As we see, we wait a really fascinating summertime loaded with obstacles in Pokémon GO, just recently got here brand-new Pokémon with 3 brand-new developments for Eevee, however likewise some problem as the removal of the app for the Apple Watch. Still, Pokémon GO is more alive than ever and this summertime we will have a fun time.

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