▷ Resistance test of AirPods Are the new Apple headphones water resistant?

Test resistencia AirPods

The AirPods Apple still generate many questions between people who have already bought and those who still doubt whether to do it or not. One of the most common questions is whether they are resistant headphones and to answer these questions nothing better than a resistance test that we are used to seeing with Apple products.

This time it has been the people of EverythingApplePro who have carried out the AirPods resistance test, or rather we could say torture test.

The resistance of AirPods to the test

On this occasion they have made different tests that face the new wireless headphones from Apple and its charging case with problems that can all happen to us on a daily basis. This is summarized in falls, bumps and exposure to water or other liquids.

As is logical, the first tests performed are falls. Throughout the video we can see how they drop the AirPods and the cargo box of different heights (up to a maximum of three meters). After these tests the headphones continue to work perfectly and only the cargo case suffers a few superficial scratches.

The other battery of tests was based on Test whether AirPods are water resistant and it seems that they come out very well standing. After going through a program of washer and dryer, they continue to work without problem and are still able to be immersed in water for a few minutes without apparent damage as we can see in the video that accompanies these lines.

It certainly seems that Apple has done a good job with the resistance of the AirPods to falls or blows, but it is also that this resistance test shows that the headphones are also resistant to water.

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Yes, Apple has not confirmed it officially, so we assume that in case of damage by water or other liquids are not covered by the warranty. So, although it is possible that nothing happens, better keep them away from washing machines, swimming pools, seas and the like.

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▷ Resistance test of AirPods Are the new Apple headphones water resistant?
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