▷ Teleconsultation, the future to speak with our physician without leaving house

<pre>Teleconsultation, the future to talk to our doctor without leaving home

Now you can speak with your physician thanks to the teleconsultation

It is not the very first time that the teleconsultation on our page. Innovation has actually currently been released in various Spanish cities, having relative success. Individuals like to speak with their physician without needing to move from house. Remote healthcare is a possibility that is really practical to resolve fast assessments or that do not need extra tests.

The concept was tested months earlier. Particularly, numerous federal governments of Spanish self-governing neighborhoods released a program that enabled clients to produce teleconsultations with their GPs utilizing the smart phone and an application developed for this function. It was a success, considering that the electronic way readily available enabled to speak with physicians utilizing the Web, while at the exact same time the needed prescriptions or treatments were placed straight into the databases of the health system.

Perhaps the system is for the minute rather restricted, although on the other hand you need to remember that work continues to enhance, with brand-new possibilities for clients to get the very best care.

How teleconsultations work

The system utilized to carry out teleconsultations is rather simple. Initially, we require to be users of the platforms that Systems of health have actually put for this kind of applications. We install the program that is necessary, and We request an Internet consultation with our GP. We will be given a certain time when we will have to be available to carry out the conversation.

Once the time comes, the necessary software is executed (either on the mobile phone or on the computer) and We will have the possibility to talk to our doctor, exposing what happens to us and receiving the corresponding treatment. In the event that we require a prescription in order to get medicines, these are stored in the databases of the health system of our autonomous community. As soon as we go through a pharmacy with our health card, we will have actually the documents available.

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Advantages of teleconsultations

Teleconsulta-2 ▷ Teleconsultation, the future to speak with our physician without leaving house

Teleconsultations have different types of advantage, although the most obvious is comfort: without leaving home we can talk to the doctor, and have the prescriptions we need on our health card. Y this saves time and money, in the case that we have to move, quite considerable.

As well it is possible to improve the quality of life of patients because they will not have to travel and can receive medical attention at home. Of course, it is essential to have enough technology to establish communication: a compatible device, a Web connection and some free minutes.

Many users have already said that teleconsultation is a service that has arrived to stay. Not only because of its advantages, but because facilitates a simple procedure such as going to the doctor.

We have discussed the consultations via the Internet with our GP. But that does not mean that this type of services can also be sent to other sectors. The idea could become quite popular.

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