▷ Telegram is upgraded with “silent messages” to remain ahead of WhatsApp

<pre>This is how the new Telegram animated stickers work and how they work

For a couple of years now, Telegram and WhatsApp have actually been combating their specific fight, nevertheless, as much as time passes, the scenario does not appear to alter. Telegram is still the leading app in regards to news and enhancements and WhatsApp continues to lead in regards to variety of users.

Today the paper airplane application has actually been upgraded with terrific news that reveal that in a matter of concepts your engineers are still ahead of the competitors. Amongst all these advancements we have actually what they have called "Message in Silence", a type of send out a message to a contact which this does not make any sound on the gadget that is gotten, best for sending out messages in the evening and no one awakens.

Telegram keeps getting aces out of his sleeve

More than 100 million active users on the planet, Telegram is the very best option to WhatsApp in the market and likewise continues to present brand-new functions that make it go one action ahead. Amongst all these news we have, in addition to the "Message in silence", a type of rinform the variety of messages that are sent out in the groups and higher modification of the dark mode.

These are all the news that you can currently take pleasure in with the most recent Telegram upgrade:

Press and hold the Send out button to send out messages without noise, in case the recipient is sleeping.
Switch on sluggish mode in group consents to manage how typically members can send out messages.
Set custom-made titles for group administrators, such as "Founder," "CFO" or "Anti-Spam."
Select various improvement colors for all styles, consisting of dark ones, in Settings> Look.
Enable or disable loop playback for animated sticker labels in Settings> Sticker labels.
Send out an emoji: heart:: thumbsup:: meh:: wow or: celebration: to include an effective animated emoji to the chat.

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telegram-es-mas-segura-que-whatsapp-640x336 ▷ Telegram is upgraded with “silent messages” to remain ahead of WhatsApp

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As we see Telegram continues to include unbelievable choices to your application, the quiet mode will be actually helpful in most cases and the possibility of having the ability to control how typically members of a group can send out messages It is best for that “heavy group”.

They likewise continue to present enhancements in the dark mode, a mode that we are still waiting on in WhatsApp, news in animated sticker labels and titles for the administrators of a group that can likewise be fascinating. Telegram still ahead of WhatsApp as functions, a pity that it is not in regards to users.

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