▷ The Apple TELEVISION start button now takes you to the Apple TELEVISION app, however you can turn it off

<pre>The Apple TV start button now takes you to the Apple TV app, but you can turn it off

The upgrade to iOS 12.3 has actually currently shown up and with it likewise the upgrade to tvOS 12.3 with the fantastic novelty of bringing the brand-new app "Apple TV", however in Spain we will still need to wait to enjoy it in all its elegance.

Although we currently have the brand-new app "Apple TV" on our Apple TELEVISION, The reality is that there is very little distinction with the "Movies" app, so the function of a direct access to our command to this brand-new app can be worthless in everyday.

From tvOS 12.3 the start button of the Siri Remote (the button with the icon of a screen) will take us to the "Next" menu of the "Apple TV" app. As we stated, reserve a button to go straight to this brand-new app, today, does not make much sense, since the material and functions that would be intriguing, have actually not yet shown up, being, almost, another "Movies" app.

If we wish to recuperate, a minimum of up until the anticipated functions of Apple TELEVISION (and the initial material of Apple), we can do them from the Apple TELEVISION Settings. In the menu "Commands and devices", we can alternate the "Start button" in between "Apple TV app" and "Start screen". Hence, with a single touch of the start button we will go back to the house screen as we are utilized to.

If we choose not to alter this brand-new setup, a click the start button (or, as it is now called, button "Apple TV App / Start") will take us to the "Apple TV" app and 2 presses will take us to the house screen.

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In both setups, holding the start button or "Apple TV App / Start" will provide us the capability to send out the Apple TELEVISION to rest (and, if we have it set up on our tv, switch off the tv at the very same time).

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