▷ The Apple Watch Series 4 gets a reward for the very best screen of the year

Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple Watch has actually turned into one of the most unique and preferred Apple items for numerous, since the fact is that the concept of ​​having the ability to manage whatever from the wrist and in such a clear and easy method contributes a great deal of worth in the everyday .

And, specifically, this is possible thanks to its screen, which if we keep in mind with the Apple Watch Series 4 has actually been totally remodelled to have a bigger size in the very same area, along with some internal elements of the most intriguing. A lot, that just recently we have actually had the ability to understand that this brand-new generation has actually gotten an award for the very best screen of the year.

The OLED panel of the Apple Watch Series 4 receives a prize for the best screen of the year

As we have known, just recently it seems that from the team of the Society for Information Display (known as SID) has published awards for the best screens, as happens every year. And, this year has surprised a lot because, although it is true that there are three different prizes, one of them takes this Apple Watch Series 4 with its OLED LTPO panel.

On this occasion, it seems that this award has been granted basically for the advances that this device has had in terms of technologies, in addition to the immersion that has been made combining the hardware with the software, which basically is summarized in the interesting interface that Apple has created on watchOS that adapts perfectly to the panel of the clock in question, maintaining the performance and the autonomy at the same time.

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apple-watch-series-4-830x467 ▷ The Apple Watch Series 4 gets a reward for the very best screen of the year

In this way, the owners of this Apple Watch Series 4 can be proud to have actually one of the finest OLED displays on their own wrists, although of course other manufacturers deserve their mention, as it could be Samsung with The Wall or Sony with its Crystal LED technology, which have actually been two other winners of the rewards to the best screens.

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