▷ The Apple Watch swept with 5.7 million systems offered in Q3 2019

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In current times we have actually experienced various research studies in which it was revealed that the Apple Watch was the very best selling smartwatch on the planet. We have actually even seen how some experts anticipate it to stay that method up until 2023. When it comes to the last 2nd quarter of the year, which for Apple is Q3 2019, we have actually had the ability to understand what the systems offered were according to the most recent details. Next we inform you the information.

The Apple Watch stays unparalleled

In the field of the mobile phone numerous years ago that Apple has difficult rivals with which it remains in long-term battle for the leading positions. Simply the other day we understood information about the iPhone systems that would have been offered throughout Q3 2019. Nevertheless Apple has no harmful competitor, a minimum of for the minute, as far as wise watches are worried. Thus at least it is reaffirmed with information such as those provided by Strategy Analytics recently.

As we see in the table, during the past quarter Apple would have sent a whopping amount of 5.7 million Apple Watch, some figures above what was registered in 2018, since then it was 3.8 million. This translates into a 46.4% growth in market share, 2% more than last year.

In second position we see how Samsung, still far, it is still Apple's main competitor in the wereables sector. The South Korean company would have reached 2 million shipments compared to 900,000 in the same quarter last year. Already in third position is the well-known brand of Fitbit with figures that are around 1.3 million shipments.

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We see how, in general, the wise watch sector has grown considerably, making all brands have sold more and translated into a total of 12.3 million shipments rspecifically to the 8.6 million registered last year. All this is still approximate figures based on the study of Technique Analytics, but there is no doubt that the trend shown is real and the market for these devices tends to grow more and more.

Of the next Apple Watch Series 5 Little is known, it is not even known if it will be released this September as usual. The shortage of rumors for the short term of this device is strange, however if we have actually been able to know that since Cupertino they work in a more long-term future wanting to incorporate curious specifications like a camera. We will have to wait to see all this and if Apple continues to be the king of the market with its wereable.

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