▷ The Apple Watch Walkie-Talkie function works once again after the launch of watchOS 5.3

<pre>The Apple Watch Walkie-Talkie function works again after the launch of watchOS 5.3

2 weeks ago the Cupertino young boys shocked us disabling the Apple Watch Walkie-Talkie function. The Walkie-Talkie function of watchOS 5 permitted us to utilize our Apple Watch as if it were a Walkie-Talkie with our contacts, however in the last month because Cupertino they understood a mistake that permitted us to hear those discussions were directed to us or no, something rather major and for that reason from Apple decided to cancel this function.

At the time of bug detection, Apple revealed that they understood the vulnerability and would disable this function till fixed. Well, the other day they released the brand-new watchOS 5.3 with the brand-new iOS 12.4, updates that to name a few things they fixed this major issue. The Walkie-Talkie of our Apple Watch is back. After the dive we offer you more information about this correction.

The amusing thing is that the cancellation of the performance came at the server level, that is, we still had the app on our Apple Watch however we might not run the app in any method. The brand-new watchOS 5.3 reactivates this Apple Watch Walkie-Talkie function and you can utilize it as you performed in the past., by upgrading to this brand-new watchOS

An issue that advises us of those who suffered FaceTime group calls last January, because case the issue was reported by a user who might listen to individuals who called you in a group without having actually accepted the raid on it, something rather major. Security surprises from which in the end no business is conserved. We currently understand how Apple acts upon personal privacy problems however remarkably these likewise impact its os, picture the issues that other running systems might have that are not so dedicated to the security of its users …

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