▷ The brand-new Mac Pro has a stand that costs as much as an iPhone XS

<pre>The new Mac Pro has a stand that costs as much as an iPhone XS

In Apple they have a severe issue when it pertains to setting the costs of specific items. It is clear that the business produces high quality items with an after-sales service that is simply as great, which look after every information. It is likewise real that, in their primary line of product, they develop both software and hardware so that both work efficiently. However however, in some cases this goes too far even for the most significant fans of the business.

Throughout the inaugural keynote of the WWDC19 Apple's newest effort to recuperate the expert market, the brand-new Mac Pro existed. This brand-new Mac is a proposition of the most intriguing that does not make any dedication so that its users do not need to fret about anything. And naturally, it was currently anticipated that this item would have an even greater rate than typical. For that reason, nobody was shocked when the rate of this was revealed, the issue included the screen that accompanied him.

In the same presentation, Apple introduced what would be the perfect monitor for the buyers of this Mac Pro. The Pro Display XDR is a magnificent screen through which developers can shape their best works. Every detail of this screen has been treated to the millimeter, from the panel to the support of the same. The point is that they should not have paid so much attention to the stand if they have finally been forced to put a rate of $ 999.

Apple_mac_pro_new_display_final_cut_screen_060319 ▷ The brand-new Mac Pro has a stand that costs as much as an iPhone XS

The Pro Stand was introduced as part of the Pro Display XDR, but was not received by the public, which showed his dissatisfaction in the very same price announcement. The options offered by Apple are the purchase of a VESA mounting accessory, or the Pro Stand. In neither case is it included with the display, which is fine for those who already have actually the necessary equipment, but not a lot for those who will have actually to purchase one of the accessories.

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Maybe the solution could have been to first reveal the rate of the monitor with the Pro Stand included, to then announce an option without the device, which would most likely have actually enhanced its reception. However it appears that neither Apple itself understood extremely well how to offer it to the general public of the occasion.

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