▷ The visual design of watchOS reaches the iPhone thanks to this tweak

<pre>The visual style of watchOS reaches the iPhone thanks to this tweak

If you have an Apple Watch, in the beginning it most likely triggered you doubt how Apple created a fascinating visual design for a little screen. Now thanks to a tweak produced by a designer in the jailbreak environment it is possible to alter the standard iOS user interface for an extremely comparable one to watchOS.

If you have jailbreak on your iPhone, it's time to attempt a brand-new visual design based upon watchOS

Designer Blake Boxberger produced the Honey app for iOS 11 and 12, in which the users that get it will have the ability to set up the user interface of the screen to watchOS mode. As we understand, Apple does not enable personalization in information as it takes place in Android.

The jailbreak became an option to be able to tailor and set up various styles and functions that do not visited default. This indicates that your gadget, in some method, undergoes vital defects and possible vulnerabilities through malware. If you remain in a steady variation and you rely on the setup of these apps, you might attempt Honey with no problem.

The style is basic, the apps alter from square to round. According to the navigation, you will have the ability to value the apps that comprise the house screen as if you were searching an Apple Watch.

How to set up Honey on my iPhone with jailbreak

In addition to getting this visual design, you can tailor the shape of the icons. If you desire them to be circular (as it comes over default in Honey) or they are square icons.

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To set up Honey, you should make a payment of $ 2.99 dollars to set up the repository Dynastic Repo. This "skin" does not enable the elimination of apps straight as it takes place in the default method. The designer has actually commented that he means to make a correction (to name a few) so that it can be done soon.

If you wish to see a little clip of its operation, a user on Twitter submitted a couple of seconds of video and you can value the tweak on an iPhone.

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