▷ They find that finger print sensing units under the screen can quickly be tricked

Escáner huellas bajo pantalla

Throughout this year we have actually seen that a number of brand names have actually executed the finger print sensing unit under the screen. While Apple verified the removal of all the finger print sensing units of their mobile phones, although some individuals still think about the possibility that the iPhone will quickly bring that innovation.

Makers stress the dependability of the finger print sensing unit under the screen and in concept all of us think in that dependability. However just recently XDA has actually exposed a report that puts in question the dependability of this kind of sensing units, consisting of an explanatory video of how to trick it in order to open the gadget quickly.

How can we fool the fingerprint sensor under the screen?

In this case, the sensor deception procedure does not require programming, or complex procedures worthy of the FBI or anything like that. It's as easy as catching a little cling film which we use in the kitchen and liquid ink, as simple as that.

sensor-huellas-en-pantalla-engano ▷ They find that finger print sensing units under the screen can quickly be tricked

The procedure explained in the video is as follows:

We capture the fingerprint with the transparent film.

The imprint captured on the film with the ink is highlighted.

We let dry and we already have our footprint ready.

After that the fingerprint is placed on the device's fingerprint scanner and we see how it unlock Without any problems. It is a procedure that we are used to seeing more in CSI-type crime investigation series but in this case it works. This method only works with fingerprint sensors under the screen and not with those on the back or side of the devices.

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The deception to the sensor in this case would be available to any user, since the ink and the transparent film can be achieved quickly, even most of them are normally already at home. This could explain why Apple has actually not included this type of technology in its mobile gadgets. They might be waiting to establish it in a manner that is as trusted as Touch ID and Face ID. If you wish to broaden your understanding about this subject, you can speak with the following Urban Tecno video in which we compare the various kinds of opens in the market.

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