▷ They handle to run the Touch Bar with Windows 10

Touch Bar Windows 10

Given that Apple restored the MacBook Pro variety in 2016, the Touch Bar, among its piece de resistances, and whose choice considerably raised the rate of the design to pick, numerous users are they have actually not ended up seeing a genuine energy to that touch screen that changes the leading row of the conventional keyboard on Macs.

As the years have actually passed, there are numerous applications that have actually been adjusted to provide direct faster ways to a few of the functions most utilized by users. However if in addition to macOS, we use Windows, and we have actually ended up being familiar with the Touch Bar, we have actually constantly experienced the issue of compatibility. At least until now.

gif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw== ▷ They handle to run the Touch Bar with Windows 10

The developer Sunshine Biscuit has posted on his Twitter account (@imbushuo) an image of his MacBook using Windows and where we can see how the Touch Bar shows us the same information that we can find in the taskbar. While is true that does not offer us the same versatility as with macOS compatible applications, for something one starts.

This compatibility also allows us to remove the taskbar from the main screen in order to enjoy more space on the screen. According to Sunshine, the operation of the Touch Bar is like that of a USB and offers us different configurations.

The default configuration offers us a USBHID keyboard with quick function keys, while the second configuration offers us a digitizer that we can customize to show the information we need or want.

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The developer puts at our disposal the necessary software to usage the Touch Bar through your GitHub account which we can access directly from this link. Obviously, behind this project is not Apple, since if it did, since the launch of the MacBook Pro in 2016 with Touch Bar it would have actually offered support for Windows users.

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