▷ This configures the iPhone to update itself

<pre>This configures the iPhone to update itself

Having your phone updated is something important. Not only do you need these improvements for your mobile to receive functional news, some patches solve problems that prevent the entry of viruses to your mobile. And it happens that this happens on Android phones and iOS, there is no exception. Sometimes the phone will ask you for permission to install improvements, but if you have an Apple phone we'll show you configure your iPhone to update itself.

Let iPhone update iOS only

As you know, Apple is working on a new version of its operating system for mobile devices: iOS 12. There are many features that include the new operating system of the bitten apple and that although it does not bring changes at the design level as it did the current iOS 11 improves it substantially. By the time it's available to all compatible users, you'll want to be prepared.

In the case of the operating system, for iPhone to update iOS you just have to follow the following steps. Go to the section of General adjustments, from here to the apparatus Software update where will you find the function Automatic Updates. You will have a push button that you must place in ON position to activate it. This will be released from the next version of iOS and will allow you to have the latest improvements as they are released. It will be like giving your consent to be installed directly.

Update your apps automatically

Did you think that this method only served to update your iOS operating system automatically, then you still have a surprise. It turns out that the software can also update App Store apps for you. In this case we will continue with the adjustments, but we will not follow the general section, it is something more specific.

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Go to iTunes and App Store and from here you will have different sections at your disposal, since the device discriminates between each one. You will have options of applications, music, books and audiobooks and, as it could not be missing, the updates of the store itself. Simply select the ones you want to receive automatically and you will never have to worry about going to the store to update Clash Royale or to receive the latest modifications of Instagram or Prism among many others.

How to install iOS 12

This is a big question for many and luckily we have the answer. To install iOS 12 before anyone else you must be a software developer, but there is a way to enjoy the operating system before anyone else. That yes, check before your device is compatible and that in the list of models that can run without problems.

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▷ This configures the iPhone to update itself
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