▷ This is how the brand-new Telegram animated sticker labels work and how they work

<pre>This is how the new Telegram animated stickers work and how they work

Telegram is among the most pre-owned messaging apps on the planet, most likely the 2nd crucial behind WhatsApp. Nevertheless, if the app of the paper airplane has actually been defined by something, it is for using crucial enhancements and novelties long prior to its optimum competitor.

The security trick has actually always been the main differentiation that Telegram has actually used against WhatsApp, but the arrival of new features such as stickers or a photo editor came much earlier to Telegram. Now the company has returned to ahead of WhatsApp with its new function: animated stickers.

The animated stickers arrive to Telegram

The latest Telegram update, now available on the App Store, has included animated stickers as the primary novelty. Something that had been rumored to come to WhatsApp however we have not seen yet.

These are the news related to animated stickers that you can already enjoy on Telegram:

Send ultra-light animated stickers of high quality to express emotions with movement.
Receive animated stickers instantly on any connection at only 20-30 KB per sticker.
Enjoy smooth animations at 60 frames per second.
Create brand-new packs of animated sticker labels and upload them to @stickers for everyone to use.
Try the animated stickers on the Featured tab in your stickers panel.


If there is something that Telegram wanted to highlight, it is that these brand-new sticker labels will only occupy a few KBs, have their own TGS format using the Open Source After Effects plugin Bodymovin. The animations are soft and the size is small, and Telegram expects this format to become standard for animated sticker labels.

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further anyone can upload them for free so that we create incredible collections that we can all share with our friends and contacts. To use these new sticker labels we just have actually to click on the sticker labels icon and pick the one we like one of the most. Telegram leads WhatsApp, although we hope that these long-awaited advancements will quickly reach the leading messaging app.

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