▷ Twitter removes the possibility of tweeting by means of SMS


Recently the Twitter account of Jack Dorsey, CEO of the business itself, was hacked and messages of racist, sexist and anti-Semitic color started to appear. And although the hacking just lasted 15 minutes, it was sufficient time to expose major vulnerabilities in the bird's social media network. For that reason, and up until more notification, those accountable for the technical assistance of the application have actually chosen get rid of the possibility of tweeting by means of SMS.

In an official statement, the company has indicated that they temporarily deactivate the ability to tweet through SMS or text messages to protect user accounts. This decision is a consequence of the hacking of the Jack Dorsey account and the dependence of having a linked telephone number for two-step authentication.

Twitter cancels worldwide, for a day, the possibility of tweeting via SMS or text message

Apparently, the function of tweeting from SMS, present in the social network from the beginning, would have actually become a security hole for the platform, since If someone's phone number is stolen, you can also access your Twitter account.

Although users rely primarily on the phone app to send tweets however, if a text message is sent to 40404, the tweet is also published. And this has been the vulnerability that hackers could have used to hijack a Twitter account and steal the phone number.

Jack Dorsey's Twitter account was hacked and messages of racist, sexist and anti-Semitic dye began to appear

The elimination of this function has been worldwide for one day. However, in those territories where it is only possible to tweet by means of SMS or text message it has actually already been activated again, remaining deactivated in other territories while working on a long term solution.

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But when SMS and text come into play, The responsibility is not just from Twitter and it is shown telephone business that do not appreciate safeguarding their consumers.

Now we simply need to wait to see that both Twitter and the telephone business have actually done their research and keeps the hackers Far from our accounts.

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