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WhatsApp Business para iOS

If you wish to have 2 WhatsApp numbers on your iPhone, you have the choice of Jailbreak (not suggested) or to set up apps that customize your setup profile, with the matching threat. In early 2018 WhatsApp, introduced WhatsApp Organisation, in concept for Android and in a couple of nations. Simply 6 months ago WhatsApp made the leap with this application to the iOS os. By doing this you can have 2 numbers on your iPhone with no threat.

Setting Up WhatsApp Organisation on your iPhone

Although it has the particular WhatsApp treat, you can distinguish it due to the fact that an Organisation B (company) is valued within. As soon as you set up WhatsApp Organisation On your iPhone, you need to put a series of information, such as the name of your business, a description, classification, schedule, e-mail, a websites and the area. Then, as an entrepreneur, you can access fast actions, welcome messages and waiting messages, in addition to WhatsApp Web. Statistics are also available, although in principle they are a bit basic.

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WhatsApp Business in your company

As a company, you will have an official profile, in which your clients are provided with a series of useful information, if you do not have a company you can use this app in the same way and in this way have two WhatsApp numbers on the same iPhone. Description of your company, contact email, address and website, this allows customers to know that they are in contact with a company because it will appear as a Company Account. However, from WhatsApp, they explain that over time, these companies will have confirmed accounts when it is verified that the telephone number of their account matches that of their company.

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Whatsapp-empresas ▷ Usage 2 WhatsApp numbers on your iPhoneWhatsApp companies

Your company does not have to be attached to a mobile, for this, a collection of smart messaging tools is provided with which you can establish a succession of answers to the most frequently asked questions, give welcome messages as a presentation to your customers, as well as absence messages that let you know when you are busy.

In the same way, WhatsApp provides companies with a series of features to know their customers' information, such as seeing the number of messages read and being able to analyze the generated actions. Which means that being an app where you receive messages from your contacts, you talk to them, you have the option to block any number, including companies and even mark them as spam. In this way, WhatsApp warns companies about how easy it is to lose their potential customers before sending excessive messages.

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