▷ What Apple TV lacks to succeed as a video game platform

<pre>What Apple TV lacks to succeed as a video game platform

When Appel launched the Apple TV 4 a few years ago, one of the main novelties was the possibility of installing video games on it and control them with the Siri Remote, with the iPhone itself or with videoconsola control controls. We were many who applauded the decision of Apple and then began to appear some of the best known games of iOS in the new platform, tvOS.

However, several years later the reality is far from what was originally thought, and although the power of the device is more than enough to move video games "video game console", few games of this type we could enjoy on Apple TV . And some of those who dared have ended up abandoning the project, like Minecraft a few days ago. What is wrong with the Apple TV that does not convince the big videogame companies? Some developers have talked about the subject raising some interesting possible answers.

Ryan Cash is one of the people in charge of Team Alto, developer of Alto's Adventure and Alto's Odyssey, two of the most successful games of iOS and tvOS, and in an interview with ArsTechnica says not be surprised by the abandonment of Minecraft, although he thinks it is wrong:

I am not surprised at the decision, since a game of the magnitude of Minecraft should not find the platform a success, but if I were ahead I would have moved on. Certainly the platform is not the largest, but continues to grow in a sustained manner, and many people are starting in video games with it.

Aaron Fothergill, from Strange Flavor, says that the decision of Microsoft abandoning Minecraft for Apple TV is due to "political" decisions

Minecraft for Apple TV does not need so much support, basically they should just keep the server, they might not even update the application for tvOS. In addition, bringing video games to Apple TV is very easy, with our video games we have not achieved millions, not even hundreds of thousands, but we have amortized what it cost us to adapt it to the platform.

Patrick Hogan finished the interview assuring that if Apple wants the platform to be successful "should include a control knob on each Apple TV box, insist on the device as a videogame platform and even go to the main videogame fairs with its platform. With the hard work it has taken him to realize that Apple TV is not a mere pastime and start thinking of it as a real business for movies and TV series, it seems difficult that in the near future Apple will take another step forward with the device and bet strongly for video games. We'll keep waiting.

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▷ What Apple TV lacks to succeed as a video game platform
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