▷ Yes, the processor of the brand-new Mac Pro can be changed is not bonded

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And it is that lots of information are appearing on this brand-new Mac Pro in the network (given that it is not for sale today) in which some information of the manufacture of these effective devices are verified. In fact there is very little that we do not currently understand and it is that it is a group examined to the optimum even prior to going on sale, however there are things that leave such as this processor.

Yes, the response to the concern about whether you can upgrade the processor in these Mac Pro is, yes. So all those specialists who prepare to purchase among these effective devices currently understand that their processor it can be changed in an easy method and with a little thermal paste in case of breakdown or upgrade.

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In most Apple computers the chip comes soldier but in this case it is not, it simply comes on the board in case it breaks down or the owner wants to update. Is something similar to what we can do with RAM in the 27-inch iMac but with something "more than skill" since it is inside the team and we have to apply thermal paste to dissipate the heat and place the dissipator on top.

Surely many of you who have had gaming computers know what I'm talking about, in any case the change is simple with minimal knowledge. In addition, Apple itself benefits from the fact that it can assemble this simplicity for those who may think about updating their Mac Pro in Apple itself. The new Xeon are effective but time will leave them outdated for some tasks so now with this new Mac Pro more modular the user can replace this component "in a simple way" not as it happens in the rest of the devices of the firm that is soldered to the board and to modification it is a too complex procedure .

▷ At WWDC 2019 we would see something of the new Mac Pro according to Mark Gurman

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