▷ You can no longer subscribe to Netflix using the App Store

<pre>You can no longer subscribe to Netflix using the App Store

Netflix It adds to many other services that in recent times have eliminated their subscription or purchase plans for the iPhone or iPad app. Through this change, Netflix will no longer have to offer a 30% commission to Apple, although in exchange it loses a possible market for new users.

Netflix has been one of the top 5 apps in the App Store in recent years. A service that year after year has gained popularity and partly thanks to Apple devices, which are one of the largest platforms where Netflix users consume their content. Now that the service already has considerable strength and the ability to be recognized on its own and not thanks to the App Store, they have decided to stop depending in part directly on it.

Netflix will stop giving commission to Apple

The commission of 30% the first year of subscription and 15% the rest. The own 15% is already a considerable sum of "loss" for a service like Netflix. Streaming services such as Netflix or Spotify and Apple Music itself have minimal benefits because the vast majority of their revenues are destined to pay record companies and producers. If you also subtract 15%, the benefit can be up to zero.

Netflix has been growing and betting on more forms of subscription for users that are not only the App Store. If you have decided to take this step it is probably because they are clear that the income of potential users who stop subscribing because they can not from the App Store is less than the income they recover by not having to pay the commission to Apple. Netflix earns in revenue, Apple loses in income, the user loses some comfort.

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Why does Netflix do this?

It's just a matter of having enough capacity and independence to be sure that the user will make the effort to subscribe from another place. Spotify is another example of service that followed this same path. And there is even an intermediate alternative, which is to put more expensive subscription plans in the App Store than the service's own website.

From now on if you want to use this service on your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV, you will have to create an account from the Netflix official website. This is where you can subscribe to a plan available and this is where you can manage the subscription. If you already have one and you have it through iTunes / App Store, when you renew it you will have to do it from the official website as well.

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▷ You can no longer subscribe to Netflix using the App Store
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